Trump Held a Big Rally Inside in a State Where You're Not Allowed to Hold a Big Rally Inside

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Donald Trump held his first indoor rally in months on Sunday night, after the last one—in Tulsa—resulted in campaign staff and Secret Service agents testing positive for the virus, as well as a surge in cases throughout the city, so this is probably going to go really well too.


This latest rally took place in Nevada, where gatherings of 50 people or more are banned by the state. And since there are unfortunately more than 50 people who are willing to risk it all to hear Trump speak, the event drew thousands, making it a blatant violation of state regulations. The venue, Xtreme Manufacturing, also risked a $500 fine and the loss of its business license for hosting it. 

On Sunday evening Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, warned that Trump was “putting countless lives in danger” by convening the indoor event, calling itan insult to every Nevadan who has followed the directives.” 

But of course this was more or less the perfect backdrop for Trump to keep beating his “reopen the country” drum, despite coronavirus deaths nearing 200,000 (a figure he loves to cast doubt on anyway).

The Trump campaign told CNN that everyone who attended the rally had gotten they’re temperature taken upon entering and received a mask that they were “encouraged to wear,” but encouragement only goes so far when the president himself has only been seen once wearing a mask.

For their part, Trump’s supporters were excited to exercise the most American of rights—the right to put oneself in the path of a deadly virus in a country with no universal health care. When asked if they had any health concerns about attending the event, one supporter told CNN:“This is our First Amendment, it’s my right to choose.”

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I just want to post this picture from the Guardian article on the rally. I feel like there’s so much to unpack here, starting with incel Jeremy’s patriotic cardigan that was made for him by Grandma. Discuss!