Trump Claims He Saved 'Merry Christmas' in Deranged Tweet

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Not that the President tweeting while deranged is anything new, but during predetermined occasions for momentous reflection and (hopefully) work-stoppage—also known as “holidays”—I find it’s useful to remind one’s friends, families, and self that Donald Trump still holds court, and that’s a noxious disgrace that nothing, including this country’s governing bodies and laws, can apparently make right.


Without further ado, here’s a brief summary of infuriating (if you can spare a gasp any longer) shit that Trump did in the last day or so, I guess in honor of Christmas. These are not in any particular order and vary in significance. The tweet’s in there somewhere.

  • Donald Trump reportedly told a bunch of his “friends” at Mar-a-Lago Friday night “you all just got a lot richer,” in reference to the tax bill he signed into law earlier that day. Then two of those “friends” passed along that remark to CBS News.
  • Of course, Donald Trump couldn’t have caused so much damage without his many merry enablers! Donald and Melania are spending Christmas together at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, but the President was not included in this clash of filters and face.
  • Donald Trump successfully spent nearly one third of his first year in office at various hotels and resorts owned by…HIMSELF. We all knew you could do it and, moreover, that you would. This item was reported by the Wall Street Journal on Monday.
  • Donald Trump ate some creamy kale.
  • Donald Trump sat through a Christmas sermon about the power of words.
  • Shall I even bother parsing it?

Absolutely not, under no circumstances, I would rather fight an army of Santa’s reindeer than apply an iota of critical reasoning to this crackpot kindlng. Merry Christmas to me.

  • And, in case there’s any doubt, Trump wasn’t always a Christmas crusader. But he was always hypocritical and mean.

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