Trump Can't Be Racist Because He Donated Money To Kamala Harris, Says Trump Campaign

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President Trump has already gleefully taken to calling Sen. Kamala HarrisJoe Biden’s official 2020 running mate— “nasty” and “mean,” but he must not have thought she was so bad when he donated $6,000 to her re-election campaign.


According to NBC News, Trump twice donated money to Harris when she was running for California Attorney General. In 2011, he donated $5,000. In 2013, he donated $1,000. (His daughter, Ivanka, also donated $2,000 to Harris in 2014).

On Tuesday, Trump senior advisor Katrina Pierson told PBS Newshour’s Yamiche Alcindor that, “The president, as a private businessman, donated to candidates across all aisles and I will note that Kamala Harris is a Black woman and he donated to her campaign.” She added, “So I hope we can squash this racism argument now.”

Ah, yes, Trump donating to a Black woman’s campaign—a move he asserts was done as a favor for former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman—shows that Trump is not a racist. That’s a relief. It’s nice to know that just a few thousand dollars erase Trump’s history of demeaning Black people and villainizing Latinos, scapegoating Muslims, keeping a white nationalist on as a top advisor, and leaning on white racism to gain and maintain political power. Very relieved that that’s cleared up now, thanks, Katrina!

The New York Times reports that rapper and wannabe 2020 spoiler, Kanye West, has met up with haunted doll and Trump senior advisor, Jared Kushner. Yes, this bullshit is still happening, I guess.


From the New York Times (emphasis ours):

The meeting took place in Colorado, where Mr. Kushner was traveling with his wife, Ivanka Trump, those familiar with the meeting said. Mr. West had been camping in Colorado with his family, and afterward flew to Telluride to meet with Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump, but was not accompanied by his wife, Kim Kardashian West, those with knowledge of the meeting said.

After an inquiry, Mr. West tweeted Tuesday evening: “I’m willing to do a live interview with the New York Time about my meeting with Jared,” adding that they had discussed a book about Black empowerment called “PowerNomics.” He did not elaborate on his meeting with Mr. Kushner in a brief follow-up interview. He instead expressed anger about abortion rates among Black women and said he didn’t reflexively support Democrats.


Okay, dude.

Kanye has filed petitions to get on the November ballot in several states, including crucial swing states like Colorado. And according to the Washington Post, this spoiler campaign has been “bolstered by Republican operatives” in at least five states.


From the Washington Post:

Republican activists and operatives — including some who have publicly supported Trump and a lawyer who has worked for his 2020 campaign — have been involved with efforts to try to get rapper on the November ballot, according to an examination by The Washington Post of public filings and social media posts. Their involvement raises the specter that his candidacy is being propped up by a GOP-driven effort to siphon votes from presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.


Well, according to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll, Kanye is only polling at two percent with Black voters. Not great! But at least he can count on support from Chance the Rapper and... Da Baby.


  • Kamala Harris released a campaign video:
  • Hmm, seems bad?
  • Texas GOP having a normal one:
  • According to new polls, Sen. Ed Markey has a healthy lead over Joe Kennedy.
  • There’s growing opposition to Trump’s order to open up schools. [Politico]
  • Woody Johnson, President Trump’s envoy to the United Kingdom, made “inappropriate or insensitive comments on topics... such as religion, sex, or color” according to a new report. [ABC News]
  • A Florida sheriff is demanding that his deputies forgo face masks. Yes! In Florida! [Ocla]

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Just me, or does anyone else to *want* Kamala to BE the Valkyrie the right wants to paint her as? The Trumpists deserve every bit of retribution they have coming their way after the seemingly endless mindfuck of a circus/administration we have had the last few years. The pain they caused everyone black, brown, other, gay, female, you name it, was THE POINT, and they are right to fear someone as powerful as Kamala, and the women in leadership she will inspire for generations to come.

Walk with me here a bit, Biden passes the baton to her midway through his first term, the Dems have already made DC and PR states, and Kamala can scorch the very earth the backasswards Trumpists walk upon.

Would that be so bad? They are not really paying taxes anyhow (what with loopholes for the rich and all, and the sovereign state nonsense), nor contributing anything meaningful to science, the arts, or education (DeVos, need I say more?). If anything, they are a vacuum, and we all know how nature feels about a vacuum.