Trump Campaign Tries to Prove Trump Did Not Call Meghan Markle 'Nasty' by Tweeting Clip With Him Doing Just That

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Donald Trump and the other Trumps (even Tiffany!) are going to London tomorrow to meet the Queen, but they are NOT meeting Meghan Markle, who is too busy with her new baby to meet this particular motley crew. This is probably for the best, as Trump and his re-election campaign have gotten into a little tussle with the media over whether or not he called Markle “nasty.” (Reader, he did. More on that in a minute.)


It all started on Friday, when Trump spoke to U.K. paper The Sun about his impending trip overseas. The interviewer mentioned a few things Markle said about Trump when he was running for president—she reportedly said he was “misogynistic,” which he is, and that he was “divisive,” show me the lie—and the interviewer asked Trump if he’d heard about these (again, very good and correct) digs.

INTERVIEWER: She said she would move to Canada if you were elected. It turned out she moved to Britain.

TRUMP: A lot of people are moving here. So what can I say? No, I didn’t know that she was nasty.

CNN made the story a headline, and on Sunday morning Trump did an angry tweet:

The thing about the Sun interview, though, is that it is all on tape, and sometimes things on tape resurface. Indeed, the very audio recording in which Trump suggested Meghan Markle had been “nasty” got tweeted out—by Trump’s official re-election campaign. Whoopsies!


If you heed @TrumpWarRoom and do, in fact, “[l]isten for yourself!” you will discover Trump does call Markle “nasty,” and there are also some helpful subtitles, just in case you thought you heard “grassly” or “phlasty” instead. In fairness, he did not literally say, “Meghan Markle is nasty,” he tried to follow up with some vaguely nice things, and CNN ran with a salacious headline, but the word “nasty” is absolutely used in connection with Markle, and was not dreamed up here in a FAKE NEWS VERY BAD MAKES BIG LIES FOR BIG WITCH HUNT fever haze.

So, a big thank you to the folks running social for Trump’s re-election campaign for clearing up that confusion! If y’all feel compelled to tweet out any other special videos of Dear Leader that might be floating around out there, I am at the ready.




“She's on maternity leave."

“I hope she’s ok.”

Wait, is the whole reason we don’t have paid maternity leave because men (Ok, Trump) don’t understand what maternity leave is???