Trump Advisor Wonders Why We Care About the President-Elect's Insane Tweets 


Kellyanne Conway, just warming up for her role as Chief Human Manipulator for the Great Alien Invasion of 2035, simply does not seem to tire. When she is asked, nearly every day, a difficult question on camera—like, for example, why is the President-Elect of the United States attacking the cast of Hamilton on Twitter instead of learning how a bill becomes a law?—she wriggles out of it with the unhinged determination of a half-blind barn cat in a thunderstorm.

On CNN’s “New Day” morning show, Chris Cuomo asked Conway if Trump’s tweeting, in light of his recent tirade against the Hamilton cast’s dignified and respectful plea to Mike Pence and SNL’s “biased” portrayals, was a “good thing for him going forward.”

“Is this really how he’s going to spend his time as president?” Cuomo asked, not going quite so far as to define “this” as the state-sanctioned propaganda and attempted free speech suppression that it certainly is.

“He has over 25 million followers on Facebook and Twitter and it’s a great way for him to take his message directly to people, cut through the noise or the silence, whatever the case may be,” Conway replied. “Sometimes he’s just trying to cut through the nonsense of people telling Americans what’s important to them, which we saw through the election wasn’t true.”

Ah, yes: How dare “people”—people of color, people of different sexual orientations, immigrants, women—tell “Americans”—white Christians—what’s important to them? Thank goodness we have @realDonaldTrump to help us cut through the noise of American democracy!

Conway added that her twin daughters are going to see Hamilton for their birthday. “They will love it!” Cuomo informed her, for some reason. “But why take it up, why take up SNL? Why waste the time, why distract?” he reiterated.

“But why do you care?” Conway wondered. “In other words, who is to say that he can’t do that, make a comment, spend five minutes on a tweet and making a comment and still be the president-elect?”


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