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Image: Instagram

Hold onto your butts, take a xanax, practice mindful breathing, call your mom, send word to the nearest village (I don’t know where you are!), but make whatever preparations you need to meet another Kardashian, because here she is:


She is crowned by an Instagram filter, per Kardashian protocol.

So now we know Khloé’s baby True Thompson. What is she up to now? Is she pooping, sleeping, crying, raging like Stormi or getting hair extensions like Dream? We (the world) will be following developments forever until we die.

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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I like the Kardashians, but putting a filter on that baby, in her very first public debut, makes me so so sad deep inside. This filter literally adds eyelashes, freckles and a soft glow to a brand new baby’s face. For what purpose?