True Love Tales: Couple Steals Car So They Won't Be Late for Court

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A loving couple in California used the power of true love to help them make an important court date. And by "true love" of course I mean car theft.

James Manning and Teresa Castillo are accused of stealing a car so they could make it to court on time. The court date was for Manning, who was facing drug charges. Police say the couple stole a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse off the lot of a dealer in Redding. Using GPS, police were able track the car which they eventually found sitting in the best place ever to hide a stolen car—-right in front of the county courthouse.

Via the Modesto Bee:

Officers responded and found the car with different license plates on it. A woman, later identified as [Castillo], 45, approached the car. Police said she told them her husband had bought the car for $200 earlier in the day so they could drive to Sonora for his court appearance. Police contacted Castillo's husband, [Manning], 49, inside the courthouse, where he was appearing on a charge of possession of a controlled substance. At first, police said, Manning denied knowing the vehicle was stolen. But he later admitted it, they said.


This might shock you, but cops also found weed in the car. The couple was taken into custody and booked on felony charges of possession of stolen property and possession of a controlled substance.


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Image via Sonora Police Department.

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