True Blood: Forget Everything You Know

In the latest episode of True Blood , Bill sent Eric to investigate the necromancy coven that had brought a dead bird back to life. The coven's leader, Marnie, seems to have a lot of power, but it's becoming quite obvious that Lafayette has more. When he joined hands with the circle, Marnie started speaking in tongues (or Latin?) and Eric looked terrified. He then fled the scene. Later, Sookie found Eric walking the streets, shirtless (hee!) and disoriented. It was like he'd forgotten everything he knew. Blank slate, tabula rasa, reset button. He claimed he did not recognize Sookie, but he did sniff her and wonder, "Why do you smell so good?" Uh-oh!

Other moments of note:

  • Bill was a punk in London in the '80s? Sorry, Spike from Buffy did it better.
  • Arlene's creepy baby is totally creepy. Excellent casting.
  • Jason is being turned into a werepanther, it seems. That's what happens if you hang out in Hotshot too much. Doesn't Jason have fairy blood like his sister? Do the panthers know?
  • Sam Merlotte's new filly is hot.
  • Jessica can suck who she wants, people. And she wants to suck clean-cut Abercrombie-esque dudes who are not her boyfriend.
  • Very Important Question: Who redecorated Bill's house? It looks great.

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I had been waiting and waiting for this episode! In the books, Sookie finds Eric running down the side of the highway butt-nekkid. YES, NAKED ERIC! In the show, he's wearing jeans. Total fail, Alan Ball, total fail.