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Trophy Wife Producers Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern Are Here

Illustration for article titled emTrophy Wife/em Producers Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern Are Here

Time for a Q&A!

Some background on the ladies: Sarah Haskins went to Harvard, describes herself as a feminist ("It is an extension of my lifelong war against pantyhose") and worked for CurrentTV, where she created the series Target: Women, which tackled stuff like yogurt (as seen above), Disney Princesses and cleaning. Emily Halpern worked as a writer on The Unit and as a story editor on Private Practice.

Together, they created Trophy Wife, a sitcom about a pretty young woman who (literally) falls for an older man and marries not just him but his two ex-wives and three kids. And they're here to talk to you today! Submit your questions below.


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Madeleine Davies

Thank you ladies for being here!

I was wondering what a New York-based writer would have to do to endear herself to Michaela Watkins to the point where they skype a couple times a week, stay at each other's houses when visiting from the opposite's coast and eventually co-author a funny-yet-heartwarming book about the strong bonds of female friendship. Asking for a friend.