Tristan Thompson Reportedly Isn't Living in His Cleveland House With Khloé and True

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Tristan Thompson, accused by several media outlets of rampant cheating just days before his girlfriend Khloé Kardashian gave birth to their daughter, True, is reportedly not living in his Cleveland house with his family. Instead, he comes and goes.


A source told People on Wednesday that Thompson is spending time with his newborn daughter, but not technically living with her and Khloé.

It’s gossip, of course, but it aligns with other gossip reported over the past week. For instance, People reported earlier on Wednesday—also on the word of a source—that Khloé really wants to go live with the rest of her family in Los Angeles, but first, the insider says, “She wanted to give the baby time to adjust and to literally stay alive, so she’s of course following doctor’s orders.”

And ET reported on Tuesday that a source said “Khloé is very torn on what to do with her and Tristan.”


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Also, Hugh Dancy was so great in Hannibal. I discounted the show at first but recently binged it and it fucking RULES* (first two seasons - I’m not really sure what happened in the third)