Travis Scott Fearful of Placenta

Number one record-haver and daytime Hennessy drinker Travis Scott spoke Monday morning with Ellen DeGeneres about watching Kylie Jenner give birth to their baby, Stormi—and, aside from the fact that a nine-month-old baby is out here wearing Insta bike shorts (Kylie’s influence), it’s absolutely not as annoying as it may initially sound.

Stormi is the first baby for both Scott and Jenner, and he told Ellen he had never been in a delivery room during a birth before. His fear, he said—perhaps more than watching an actual small human emerge from an actual slightly larger human—was something you might not expect. “It’s like this thing called like the placenta that I’ve just been hearing about,” he says cannily. “Oh my god, so I was fearful of that.”

Honestly, when you think about it, who can blame him? A blast of gelatinous blood sac following the emission of a child is rather Alien like if you really want to take it there, and honestly it looks so gnarly I’m surprised there haven’t been more horror movies about a cursed entity living inside one. (Travis, hit me up if you want to collaborate on a screenplay.) Outside of that, Scott is charming, seems like a good dad, and is coming off a lot less dirtbaggy than in the past. Maturity looks good on him!

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Counterpoint: He is a grown ass 26 YO man and should have heard about such a thing as a placenta a long damn time ago.