Transparent Will Be Back for Its Third Season On September 23

Image via screengrab/Amazon
Image via screengrab/Amazon

Fans unable to shake the last haunting, dewy moments from the end of the second season of Transparent: Dry your eyes, for Amazon announced on Sunday that the show will be back for its third season on September 23.


Writers and cast members appeared before the Television Critics Association on Sunday morning to preview some clips from the upcoming season, during which they offered a few morsels of what’s to come. From the Hollywood Reporter:

“Season three, the theme is to come out of your shell,” said writer Our Lady J, noting that a central flashback comes with a 12-year-old Maura struggling with her identity. “Most people think of someone who has transitioned is as gong from male to female, not as being assigned the wrong gender at birth.”

IndieWire has a full character-by-character synopsis:

“In ‘Transparent’ season three, our nuclear family splinters into disparate journeys on their continued path of self-discovery. After a jarring reality check, Maura, having found romantic partnership with Vicki and acceptance from her family, seeks to become the woman she envisions through gender confirmation surgery. Shelly relishes in her newfound love with Buzzy and finally discovers her voice — she’s going to tell her side of the story whether her family likes it or not. Meanwhile, Sarah and Ali embark on two different approaches to connecting to their spirituality. Sarah creates an East Side religious movement, but discovers that her own narcissism gets the best of her. Ali starts to have nitrous-induced visions, causing her to question her career path and her relationship with Leslie. And Josh, disengaged from work and love, suffers from a harrowing loss that forces him to reconcile with his past once and for all. All paths converge on a family cruise to Mexico, affirming that though their family history is murky, each Pfefferman is their truest self when they come together.”

We already knew that Maura Pfefferman, played by Jeffrey Tambor, was headed to a plastic surgery consultation, though it doesn’t feel like a big giveaway considering her continued ruminations on her identity. But “nitrous-induced visions”? “A family cruise to Mexico”? That’s the stuff.

Tambor also said that while he still isn’t completely at ease with playing a transgender woman, he said he has complete confidence in director Jill Soloway. From the Reporter:

“I wouldn’t say the word ‘settled,’” he said of his ease playing the role for three years now. “I trust Jill within an inch of my life. I don’t know if I could quite express this... Neither Maura nor Jeffrey sometimes will know what happens in a scene.”


The show has already been renewed for a fourth season. I already can’t wait to check out everyone’s hair.



But what about the Rabbi? :(