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Trans Woman Killed in El Salvador After Being Deported From the United States

Illustration for article titled Trans Woman Killed in El Salvador After Being Deported From the United States
Photo: Aspidh Arcoiris Trans

The Washington Blade reported on Tuesday that a transgender woman named Camila died in her native El Salvador earlier this month after the United States deported her.


Camila was reportedly attacked (details remain unclear) outside San Salvador. She was found in the municipality of Soyapango and admitted to Rosales National Hospital on January 31 with multiple injuries. Camila died on February 3.

The Blade spoke to activists who say Camila traveled to the U.S. as a member of a migrant caravan last year after receiving threats and was deported back to El Salvador about four to five month before her death. Aislinn Odaly’s, an independent LGBTI rights advocate, told The Blade that Camila “migrated to the U.S. because of threats that she had received, but she was deported because they didn’t believe her.”


On February 8, a trans woman named Lolita was reportedly killed with a machete in El Salvador. The Blade reported that the country’s police and attorney general have not classified either killing as a hate crime.

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So basically the outcome this administration was hoping for.

It’s so infuriating and heartbreaking. She should have been given safety here in the US. I’m sorry we failed her, and so many others.