Trailer For Meryl Streep's Margaret Thatcher Film Is Surprisingly Danceable

While many Americans don't find fairly recent British prime ministers all that fascinating, according to the full UK trailer, The Iron Lady is going to be a hilarious conservative romp set to "Our House." However, there's also plenty here for the brains among us. Judging from the second half of the trailer, this is also an epic tale featuring British actors, ruminations on women and power, and Meryl Streep disappearing into another role. Count us in.


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Antonym, mourning Va Va Get My Broom

Ehhh it bothers me she's being played by an American actress. It's not logical, rational or sensible in the slightest and I'm not claiming it is, but when there are so many incredible British character actresses who lived through the Thatcher era, who probably understand almost instinctually what it was like to live through the Thatcher era...well I don't know. I didn't say it was rational.

That said, her accent is pretty good.

Also, I dislike all the pomp and dramatic music. It's just so...showy. Doesn't one rather feel it should be more understated?