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Tracee Ellis Ross Has a Children's Book for Handsy Men Who Don't Know How to Act

On Tuesday night, Tracee Eliis Ross filled in for Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as he was home with his baby who has undergone another heart surgery. After doing the traditional late night monologue, Ross said that, as a woman who had been given a big platform on the show, she wanted to address our current news cycle.


“There is something I want to talk about tonight and that is the Hollywood harassment scandal. Let’s start with the fact it isn’t a sex scandal,” says Ross. “It isn’t a Hollywood scandal. It isn’t even a scandal. It is a systemic problem about the abuse of power that takes place across all industries, and had enabled a culture of inequity to persist for far too long.”

She continues to say that she hasn’t been surprised by the “countless brave women” who have come forward with these stories, but it seems to her like a lot of men are—and now they don’t know what to do.


“Treating another human being with respect isn’t complicated, but it seems a bit confusing for a lot of men out there,” she adds. “So, I wrote a book. It’s kind of like a children’s book for men that’s going to make this really simple and just bring them back to the basics.”

Ross then read from The Handsy Man, a basic tutorial for confused men who no longer know how to approach women in the workplace if they can’t give them back massages or smell their hair. It’s worth watching Ross read the whole rhyming tutorial, but here are a couple great pages:

Image via YouTube.
Image via YouTube.
Image via YouTube.
Image via YouTube.

A perfect gift for the Handsy Man in your life.

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They should actually print this and hand it out in Congress, Alabama and in Evangelical churches. Ah fuck it, hand it out everywhere.