A lot of boring celebs dared to attend a Met Gala honoring visionary designer Rei Kawakubo wearing some boring shit, but Tracee Ellis Ross was not one of them. The fashion plate was one of the few attendees (Rihanna, Helen Lasichanh, Caroline Kennedy) who actually wore a creation from Comme des Garçons, and she killed it.

However, Kawakubo’s designs blur the line between fashion and sculpture, and apparently high art ain’t that easy to move around in. As Ellis Ross explained to Jimmy Kimmel, greeting her friends was a task: “Couldn’t lift my arms up, couldn’t hug people because if I lifted my arms up too high the dress would come up,” she said. “And if you can’t hug people and you can’t lean in, kissing, like it was a little bit like—” [Waves arms around wildly.] Listen, fashion is hard! Looking amazing is a sacrifice!


This conversation also illuminates something else: part of the reason the Met Gala is such a boring affair—and why, this year, seemingly half the attendees were wearing H&M—is because celebrities usually wear the clothes of whatever company sponsors their ticket. Ellis Ross “went with” Farfetch, the luxury fashion retailer, which happens to sell Comme des Garçons, and so she “got to wear” a vintage piece from Kawakubo’s archive. Credit where it’s due: clearly, most people wouldn’t have the chutzpah. (Including noted gender essentialist Jimmy Kimmel, who doesn’t seem to grasp that dudes can like fashion too? “Is Comme des Garçons a person?” I will fight you, Jimmy Kimmel!)