Toni Collette Used To Think Being Called a Feminist Was Sexist

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At the premiere of coming-of-age movie The Way Way Back, Toni Collette talked to Refinery 29 about Muriel's Wedding, feminism and portraying real women.


By the way, you guys have seen Muriel's Wedding, right? If you are a woman, know any women, or have at some point engaged with a human being in your life up until this point, you should see Muriel's Wedding, because (not to sound like I smell like patchouli or anything) the best thing about it is the protagonist's undeniably, flawed, ungainly, lovable, beautiful humanity. It's something Collette has consistently delivered in her performances.

"[It's important to play characters who] just feel real in any way, whether it’s awkward or not, because like it or not, art is a reflection of us, and how we chose to live, and that is fantastic. Now, the media has other agendas: It’s not about reflecting humanity, it’s about dictatorship and being dogmatic in telling people how to dress, how to look, what to say, what to do with your life, how to spend your time, everything.”

And on feminism:

"This is kind of a response, but bear with me. I’ve recently realized that I really am a feminist. For years people would say to me, ‘You are! You are! You really are!’ And I’d say, ‘No, I’m not. I’m a humanist. I think it’s sexist to say I’m a feminist.’ Now, I see a great imbalance not only in my industry, but also in the world at large. I want to change it. I agree with you. It needs to be varied and real.”

So relieved to hear she is no longer in the actresses-who-don't-know-what-feminism-means club!

'Toni Collette Was Shocked To Learn Muriel's Wedding Was A Cult Classic!' [Refinery 29]


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That was totally me. For years, I said that I couldn't be a feminist because I thought men and women should be equal. It took a feminist friend to wake me up and say, "You know that's the point, right?"

Flash forward five years, and one of my guy friends calls me a Fem Nazi because he thinks a desire for equality equals castrating men. We all have learning to do.