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Tomi Lahren Unknowingly Admits That She Benefits From Obamacare and Then Says She Would Like to Get Rid of It

In an interview with Chelsea Handler at Politicon last night, Tomi Lahren admitted that “luckily, I’m 24, so I’m still on my parents’ [health care plan],” meaning that she benefits from–not just luck!–but the Obamacare provision that you can stay on your parents’ plan until you’re 26, the Daily Beast reports.


“I believe that it fails the very people that it’s intended to help,” she said.

Setting aside the fact that she just demonstrated that she does not have a basic understanding of the health care policy which she is working to kill for 22 to 33 million people, including herself, let’s calm down and come from a place of willingness to understand where she’s coming from. If not from a place of facts, then where?


“This isn’t a debate. I’m interviewing her,” Handler opened. “The one thing I’ve learned from this election is, not to be trite, but how divided we are and how little understanding I have of people who aren’t necessarily like me.”

But the interview got heated when Lahren said that she doesn’t think 22 million people is a “correct number.”

“That is a correct number,” Handler replied.

Whatever her correct number is, she can add a plus-one and correct the number.

Tensions were apparently running high, as the crowd booed and cheered to every comment. Handler had to pause and say, “Don’t share every fuckin’ thing we say, just let us have a conversation.”


Here are some tweets.


And this one. Sigh.

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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I am so tired of Tomi Lahren: this Anne Coulter 2.0 shtick is killing me inside. And what’s worse, she’s had all this exposure and people praising her opinion at a young age: as far as she’s concerned, she’s The Child What Come To Lead Us, with her unique insights that no one else could possibly have.

On other news, while I think McCain is getting WAY more praise than he deserve for his vote, it seems there may have been a reason he’s voted the way he did. By calling for a vote on proceedings, and then killing the healthcare package with his vote, he’s made it procedurally impossible for the Senate to raise the issue again short of a 60 count vote (which is why the President is demanding the rules be changed). That’s why McConnell looked so defeated: he can’t raise this issue again short of changing the rules (which he has refused to do), or waiting until the next fiscal year (when they may lose the majority they have now). McCain essentially fucked McConnell over tremendously.