Tommy on his big boy bike. (Images via AKM-GSI)

Though the tabloids would have you believe Tom Cruise—with his endless stream of failed on-set romances, fraught relationship with daughter Suri, and unbreakable commitment to a cult—lives a dreary, lonely life, the man refuses to let any alleged personal troubles derail his decades-long career. In fact, a series of photos from the set of Mission: Impossible 6 suggest he is at his happiest and most carefree when filming a stunt-filled action movie. Maybe that’s why he’s made so many of them!

Look at lil’ Tom cruising on his cycle! The joy on his face is pure and contagious, like the smile from a young child watching a magician pull a coin out of their ear:

Image via AKM-GSI.

As you can tell from this photo, Cruise’s good mood is obviously infectious:

Image via AKM-GSI.

No grade school emotion chart is capable of depicting “Happy” as accurately as this image:


Image via AKM-GSI.

Take a closer at this smile! It’s pure magic: