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Tom Jones Wonders, Am I Black?

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Tom Jones wants to get his DNA tested, just to be 100-percent certain that he doesn’t have any black in him. Because people keep asking.


In an interview with U.K.’s The Times to promote his autobiography, Over the Top and Back*, the music legend said he’d like to get his DNA tested to see if he has any black lineage in his family.

It’s the hair, he says:

“A lot of people still think I’m black. When I first came to America, people who had heard me sing on the radio would be surprised that I was white when they saw me. Because of my hair, a lot of black people still tell me I’m just passing as white. When I was born, my mother came out in big dark patches all over her body. They asked if she had any black blood and she said she didn’t know. I’m going to get my DNA tested. I want to find out.”


At least he’s looking into it before officially identifying himself as part black.

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Having ancestry you didn’t know about? It’s not unusual.