Tom Hiddleston: Sad Man or PR Genius?

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That’s right! The best part of OUR Wednesdays is back with an all new episode of DirtCast, the podcast in which Bobby and yours truly break down the best celebrity gossip of the week with an “inside baseball” approach. Or so we’ve been told—neither of us knows what “baseball” is.


This week on the podcast, we’re discussing the deliriously good GQ profile of Tom Hiddleston by Taffy Brodesser-Akner and asking ourselves, “Do we feel sorry/embarrassed for Tom Hiddleston or did we just get played?” (Answers may vary.) Later, we talk about Hollywood’s “Legal Pit Bull” Marty Singer, the entertainment attorney for all the criminally plagued Hollywood elite, a man who strikes both terror and admiration into the hearts of tabloids.

But it’s not all serious—I also force Bobby to play a terrible game I invented called T.M.Identify, which involves matching terrible sex quotes to the celebrities who say them. (Create your own similar game by typing “celebrity sex quote” into Google or using your own perverse memory of things John Mayer once said to Playboy.) Can I spoil something for you? Bobby failed miserably!

For our guest, we’re thrilled to have on one of our own, Jezebel Senior Writer, the Honorable Judge Kara Brown, to talk about a subject near and dear to all of us: C-list celebrity sponcon and the stupid amount of money they get paid for posting it.

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I think Tom THINKS he is a PR genius, but is really a sad man. Most of the people in my social media sphere who had major league Hiddlesthirst cooled their jets considerably after the whole Swift debacle. He has also (according to the gossip pages) been dropped out of all Bond consideration and even Armani was very “LoL, no” about Tom being a model for them when it was almost a done deal prior to the Swift situation.

I’m sure he is patting himself on the back, though, and congratulating himself for how clever he was.

I think he would have gotten more mileage for being honest after the fact about things. If you believe what the blind items say about Taylor, though, he might have had a contract stating otherwise.