Because doing edgy fashion-things involving genitals will never go out of style, Tom Ford has designed some cross-shaped necklaces that, upon closer inspection, reveal themselves to be phalluses. Penises as religious icons: just what this world is lacking.

According to David Nicholls at the Telegraph, Ford unveiled a "triptych of todgers" ‚ÄĒ which is British English for "three dick necklaces of various sizes" ‚ÄĒ at his recent menswear show. As the star of that collection was meant to be butt-flattering jeans, the "todgers" were "tucked away in a glass-topped cabinet like some sort of museum exhibit." But, you know, a possibly controversial penis-shaped thing can't avoid the spotlight for long.

As Nicholls points out, there are bound to be people who think that the design just happens to be a weirdly globular, circumcised cross-shape "with no phallic connotations at all." Yeah, maybe that argument would fly if Ford hadn't already designed penis jewelry for YSL in 2002. With him, I think, we are safe in assuming that a globular penis-lookin' accessory is no mere coincidence.

I would not completely mind if this became a big trend, especially if it replaces the bucket hat has the hot new menswear accessory; however, as far as genital-jewelry goes, I still prefer Grimes's (much more affordable) vagina rings.


Image via Getty.