Tom Cruise Recreates Risky Business

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For a MTV Movie Awards promo, Cruise is reprising perhaps his most famous scene — pantslessness included. It's disturbingly not disturbing! Pretty good, in fact. As a bonus, his Les Grossman character from Tropic Thunder also makes an appearance.


[Via Entertainment Tonight]

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I know I'm setting myself up to be stoned around these parts, but, oh, well...

I miss Tom Cruise. That's right; I miss the movie star who churned out entertaining (sometimes good) movies and played the Hollywood game to the hilt. Too many of these folks are trying to actors without the skill or superstars without the good looks/charisma these days, while Tom Cruise had both (more superstar than actor, I know, but I thought he was damn good in Magnolia and Born on the Fourth of July) in spades.

Are these spoofs a last ditch attempt to regain his former glory? Of course, but dammit - I want him to make a real comeback and show these new jacks how and what it is to be a movie star.