Tom Arnold Ripped His Testicle Out for Love. Happy Valentine's Day!

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I don't think I have ever heard anything as chipper as Tom Arnold's description of his "agonizing testical surgery" (which, on top of the agony, was ultimately unsuccessful). Arnold and his wife had been through four devastating rounds of failed in vitro fertilization, when the doctor offered them one final option. To yoink out Tom's testicle.

Arnold recalls, "We went to the doctor to say goodbye... and she was so upset and sad and weeping and I said, 'Doc, I wish there was something the man could do; I wish modern science came up with a procedure for the man... I'll do anything.'

"He's like, 'There is a new procedure we could do, Tom,' and I said, 'Sign me up then, man, what is it?' And he said, 'Well, we make an incision into your scrotum and pull your testicle out!'

"First of all I blacked out. I pulled the doctor aside and go, 'Dude, run that by me in the freakin' hall, man!'"

Arnold went through with the surgery, stating, "I had to do it, man.

"They take the syringe, they find two sperm... You've got a bag of ice on your (genitals) for, like, a week... I did it, it didn't work, but it's all good."


The testicle thingy didn't work, but a later round of in vitro DID. Tom and his wife welcomed their baby son last April. Congrats, kiddos! [ContactMusic]

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Some awesome friend leaked Jenelle Evans's texts to Radar, and they reveal that she's been smoking "huge fucking blunt[s]" while pregnant.

"We can smoke and chill on a huge f**king blunt lol," Evans tells her friend in the Monday, Feb. 10 text message.

And it seems the MTV star managed to find some marijuana while on her trip to Tinseltown too, texting her friend that she wanted to smoke while driving down "the strip."

"Let's drive and smoke I don't want to be here," she wrote on Sunday, Feb. 9.

"Just down the strip and back or something I need to get away."

According to her pal, Evans has five or six bongs at home she uses to smoke weed and continues to do so while pregnant to ease her morning sickness.

"She told me that if she doesn't have weed she will throw up due to her pregnancy," the insider told Radar.

"So she always has a lot of weed on her at a time."

The jury appears to still be out on whether or not cannabis consumption is safe during pregnancy. [Radar]

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I suspect that Tom may be talking about a fairly minor surgery called a varicocelectomy. A varicocele is an engorged vein in the testicle, where the blood does not return to the body quickly. Minor scrotal swelling and tenderness is a symptom. The excess blood in the scrotum raises the local temperature and deforms or kills the sperm.

In the surgery, the surgeon does in fact remove the testicle from the body, does the repair, but then the surgeon PUTS IT BACK when he's done.. It does not sound like Tom actually LOST a testicle or had it ripped out.

Do you even PubMed?…