Toddlers And Tiaras Mom Accused Of Child Abuse

Jeanie Alcalar, whom you may have seen drag her daughter by the arm on the February 17 episode of Toddlers And Tiaras, has had her daycare center's license suspended in light of some pretty upsetting allegations.

At Hippo Academy, 22 children were under Alcalar's care. According to the Texas Dept. Of Child Protective Services, during an inspection, a representative found black pepper on an infant's sheet in a crib. Reports the American-Statesman:

Putting pepper on an infant's thumb is a violation of state minimum standards for day cares and is risky because it could cause a child to choke or have breathing problems…

There was also evidence that Alcalar put a cloth over the face of a 9-week-old crying infant and put Cheetos or crackers in the mouth of the same child, which caused a choking hazard.


Other allegations against Alcalar include:
— Slapping an infant so hard that the infant cried
— Placing hot sauce mixed with water in infant bottles
— Spoon-feeding hot sauce to an infant

Alcalar's attorney, Howard Fomby, claims that she is a victim of false accusations by an employee she threatened to fire. He notes that there was no hot sauce at the day care and adds: "It's ludicrous to believe there was, because what are you accomplishing to make a child sick?"


Day Care's License Suspended After Operator Accused Of Abuse [American-Statesman]

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I can't begin to describe the abuse I suffered in the hands of day care, babysitters, & after school programs. I once had my mouth literally washed out with a bar of soap for telling another kid to 'shut up,' was pointed to & laughed at (by a daycare worker) for wetting my pants & forced to remain in my pee pants to boot. My mother recalls picking me up after work & seeing a deep gash in my 2-year-old forehead. When she asked what happened, the caregiver only stammered & slammed the door in her face. Needless to say, I never returned there. I still have a scar.

My own experience make me terrified to leave my future children in the hands of anyone to whom they're not directly blood-related. And stories like this certainly don't help none either.