Toddler Who Asked Why Kim Kardashian Is Famous Is the Future of Journalism

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If you, like me, have been swept into the diamond-encrusted vortex that is Kim Kardashian’s fame-suck, perhaps you too have spent minutes of your precious time trying to figure out the secret behind how the Kardashian empire rose to power. Yes, you are like me—and a toddler named Sid, i.e., a brave, brave soul who is asking some hard-hitting questions.


On Monday, July 11, Kim uploaded a clip onto her Snapchat account of an interrogation chat between her and Sid, a possible preschooler and hypothesized freelance journalist, while both were seated at table, presumably in a friend’s house. It is here, in this moment, that history is made.

After eating some corn on the cob, the toddler turns to the KUWTK star in the video and asks her if she is famous—all with the concentrated certainty of a million Bob Woodwards.

“I don’t like to use the term, but...” Kim answers, trailing off into what can only be read as a tautological distractionary tactic.

How are you famous?” Sid rephrases. (Good one, dude—yes/no questions are verboten.)

“That’s up for question, too,” she responds, stonewalling.

Sid, we are all hailing your efforts so hard right now—good luck on officially becoming Kimmie’s number one nemesis.


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