Toddler Found Wandering Alone With Marijuana Pipe & Cigarettes

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This week a 19-month-old boy was found wandering through his neighborhood in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with a pack of cigarettes in one hands and a pot pipe in the other, NBC Philadelphia reports. A neighbor fed him, changed his diaper, and called the police while another woman tried to find his parents. When the police arrived at the home of Bryan Schneider and Katherine Main-Schneider, they found another pipe in the driveway. Bryan said he'd been out partying, and both parents were sleeping when the boy got out. He's been placed with a grandparent, and the parents have been charged with drug-related crimes and endangering the welfare of a child.


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My 21 month old daughter has just learned how to open our front door. It is probably the worst thing that has ever happened. We have to keep the door locked at all times and if we sneak out for whatever reason she will walk outside, usually in a state of undress, and go looking for dogs.

So if you see a story about a kid found wandering aimlessly around a rural VA neighborhood carrying a J. Crew catalog, a wedge of gouda and a Starbucks cup, you'll know it is her.