Today's Theory About Amelia Earhart's Death Involves Giant Crabs

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Just months after some investigators claimed a photo proved Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan ended up in the Marshall Islands after their disappearance in 1937 (they didn’t), the internet has provided us with the latest theory about what happened to the famed pilot. But this one’s a little different: it’s about giant, 3-foot-long crabs.

While the most titillating theories about Earhart involve whether or not she survived a plane crash (and for how long), this one is more concerned with the manner of her death, and purports to explain why her remains have yet to be found. Per the Washington Post, some researchers believe it’s possible that “giant crabs overwhelmed Amelia Earhart, dismembered her and carried her bones underground.”

The horrifying creatures known informally as coconut crabs grow to “the size of dogs” and can “tear through solid matter with claws nearly as strong as a lion’s jaws.” They have even been “known to scavenge off corpses.”


But as interesting as that may be to those of you who can’t get enough updates to the Amelia Earhart story, this one ends in the same way all the other do: with bleak uncertainty. There’s a good chance that we’ll never know what happened to Earhart in July of 1937, but it feels safe to say that whatever did was probably terrible.

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