Today's Forecast: Hot And Sunny With A Spot Of Boy Bands

The forecast in New York today is 98 degrees. Yes, just like the popular gentlemen's music troupe! Surely this is an excuse for a 90s nostalgia iced coffee break.


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My mom retired after 30 years of teaching this year, and yesterday I helped her pack up her classroom. Her portable classroom. With malfunctioning AC and no back-up fans. In Dallas. The temps this week have ranged from 91 to 94 with humidity in the 30's, and its only June. That portable classroom was like an oven, and I swear we barely survived. Anybody lucky enough to have temps below 90 right now should count themselves lucky, especially as it is only going to get worse here. 98 degrees in NY is nothing like 98 degrees in Texas, trust me!