You’ll have days where you look in the mirror and not recognize the person you see staring back at you, days when your identity feels like a puzzle that’s missing half its pieces. Today is not that day. Today, you know exactly who you are. You’re Academy Award winner Frances McDormand and you’re drinking wine on a toilet.

You’re tired! Sit down (on a toilet). Work is killing you! Pour yourself a glass of wine (and drink it on the toilet). Pour yourself another glass. Have to use the bathroom? There’s no need to get up. You’re right where you need to be. You’re home.

Sure, you’re not really Academy Award winner Frances McDormand drinking wine on a toilet. The real Frances posed for this photo at a couscous dinner for The Wooster Group’s 2015 Benefit. You probably weren’t even invited to The Wooster Group’s 2015 Benefit, but that doesn’t make her any less you.


We are all Frances McDormand.

We all drink wine on our toilets.

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Image via Presley Ann/Patrick