Today Show Skips 9/11 Coverage to Air Hard-Hitting Interview with Kris Jenner's Boobs

This morning at 8:46 am, at memorial ceremonies in New York and DC, Americans observed a moment of silence for the victims of 9/11. Naturally, aaaaaaall the major networks aired it—Good Morning America and CBS This Morning took a moment—but the mavericks at NBC opted instead to air an interview with Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Kris Jenner, "who talked about the new season of the reality show, and her breast implants." Okey dokey, guys! NBC: The network for people who don't care about people who are dead—only people who are dead inside. I think this outraged blog commenter put it best:

Haven't watched Today sinced they knived Anne Curry in the back.
But this is #1 reason why Today is not allowed in my home.
Matt Lauer is a DAWG... PIG is a batter adjective for Lauer.


Mmmmmmmmmm, batter. [MediaBistro]


Mindy Kaling's mom died of pancreatic cancer on the same day that FOX picked up The Mindy Project:

"And when my mom passed away and my dad was like, ‘Can you tell everybody?' I went to get my phone, which I had not looked at for, like, 36 hours, and it was filled with e-mails and phone calls," she says. "And I thought, How do people already know about my mom? But it was about the pilot, because the news had already gone out while I had been in this cocoon of this hospital with my family. It was the weirdest thing."


Oof. As someone who has fairly recently been inside that weird hospital cocoon, this story gives me a lot of feelings.

Also, she totally dated B.J. Novak IRL!!! [Vulture]


Bill Murray is getting Oscar buzz for his role as—I WOULD NOT JOKE ABOUT THIS—Franklin Delano Roosevelt, my fave prez, in an upcoming film. Hyde Park on Hudson premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this week, and everyone says it's heeeeeeeeella gewd.

Named for the town in upstate New York where the Roosevelts kept their family home, the film takes place over the summer of 1939, as FDR prepares to host Britain's King George VI and Queen Elizabeth for a visit that could set the stage for U.S.-British cooperation once war breaks out in Europe.

The story is told from the perspective of FDR's distant cousin Daisy, played by Laura Linney, who becomes a confidant and welcome distraction for the president.


Personally, I still think he got robbed for Groundhog Day, but I will be seeing the fuck out of this nonetheless. [Reuters]


Hear ye, hear ye: Chris Brown's stupid fucking neck tattoo ISN'T a picture of Rihanna's battered face, as has been widely speculated. Nope, the reality is waaaaaaaaaay stupider:

"His tattoo is a sugar skull

and a MAC cosmetics design he saw," the rep tells TMZ. "It is not Rihanna or an abused woman as erroneously reported."



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  • Those two babies that were just chillin' inside Anna Paquin popped out and were all, "SOOKEHHH!!!" [People]
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  • Here's a picture of Stacy Kiebler just standing there. [JustJared]
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  • And finally, on this solemn day of remembrance, here's a video of Miley Cyrus enjoying the gyrations of an 82-year-old stripper. Because priorities. Ugh. [TMZ]

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