Today Show Changes Its Position, Will Allow Gay Wedding Contestants

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All it took was a little persuasion — and public relations-oriented shaming. The Today Show will now allow gay couples to compete to be married on the show. What changed NBC's minds exactly?


Well, GLAAD got involved, and so did its constituency:

NBC said it had listened to voicemails and read e-mails protesting its decision not to allow same-sex marriages. The show considers relations with the gay and lesbian community very important, it said in a statement.

"Moving forward, we ensure that our future wedding contests will be inclusive to all couples," NBC said.


According to the AP, NBC also got thousands of calls to action through GLAAD's site. Who said a little complaining never got you anywhere? Now it can get you a little closer to a crowdsourced wedding on morning television. Now let's see if any gay couple makes the cut.

NBC Changes Rules To Allow Gay`Today' Wedding [AP]

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My guess is no. This is clearly one of those 'you can apply for membership but that doesn't guarantee you'll make the cut' plays. And even if they found the guts to go through with it how many wingnutjobs would call for an NBC boycott as a result?