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Today In Tips: Burberry's Chop Job & Old Ladies' Rebellion

Illustration for article titled Today In Tips: Burberrys Chop Job  Old Ladies Rebellion

Good news abounds today on the #tips page! Except for poor Emma Watson, who apparently lost her leg in a horrible accident. Hilarity ensues, after the jump.

  • I wasn't kidding, this tip from mikskeezy is so awful it's awesome: Burberry's newest set of ads featuring the beautiful Emma Watson, minus a limb. Ouch.
  • Commenter withoutabaedeker submitted a link to the very cool website - called, fittingly, Old Ladies' Rebellion - of a 25-year-old fashion designer who makes clothes for older women. See the entire (gorgeous!) collection here.
  • Linda Holmes at NPR has a funny post about Leap Year and other poorly conceived romantic comedies based on the calendar year. Holmes comes up with hilarious pitches for Daylight Savings Time and Vernal Equinox. Tipster Scoldy Lox's suggestion: "Boxing Day: A wealthy Victorian maiden living in a huge manor is in love with her houseboy, who, of course, gave her some wildly thoughtful (but completely inexpensive, of course—he's a houseboy!) gift for Christmas. What could she possibly give him in return? Her love, of course, along with all the Christmas feast leftovers on Boxing Day."
  • And finally, Ipomoea brings us this lovely news, via the New York Times: Katherine Paterson, author of Bridge to Terabithia, has been appointed the national ambassador for young people's literature. "I want people to be reading about children of other places and other races and religions," she said. "I think novels are a wonderful way to do that because you get in somebody else's psyche and you see things quite differently than the way you see things simply through your own eyes."

Have a good tip? We'd love to hear about it, via our tips tagpage. You can add a tip by entering a comment into the bar at the top of the page ("Let your fingers do the talking") and ending with the hashtag #tips. Reminder: We appreciate all tips, but do make sure to leave more than just a link. As with all comments, the best tips are those that get into detail and display thought, reflection, and wit.

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Scoldy Lox

The warm fuzzy I get from my tip being shown is slightly negated by the embarrassment about my obscene overuse of "of course."