Today In Horrible: #ItAintRapeIf Trends On Twitter

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Have cheery holiday preparations made you temporarily forgot that the world can be a pretty awful place? Well, here's your reminder: Earlier today #ItAintRapeIf was trending worldwide on Twitter. Thankfully, there are quite a few people replying with #RapeIsntAJoke and reminding fellow Tweeters that it only "ain't rape" if both parties consent. Still, we'll understand if you decide to curl up under your comforter and shake in disgust for the rest of 2011.


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Kat Callahan

I just had this conversation with a group of friends and people I used to call friends:

Me: I'm positively flabbergasted by the fact that #ItAintRapeIf was trending on Twitter, but then after my initial outrage subsided, I realised how often we've made rape jokes in our group over the years. And somewhere along the way, I stopped being okay with that, and I should admit my own culpability, otherwise I'm just a hypocrite, even if I would never make those same jokes now.

FormerFriend: I genuinely cannot sympathize with people who find offense in #ItAintRapeIf. People like that really ought to go find a hobby that isn't "being offended." I'm not kidding. I have to put up with political correctness bullshit at work, since work is an educational and ostensibly all-inclusive-etc-bullshit organization. *Now goes on to list all the ethnic slurs he knows, and why they're important to remember for their "cultural and historical value."

...I changed the subject to music. But. Uhm. Yeah. This weekend isn't getting better for my already low faith in humanity.