Today in Failures: Drake Dances to Taylor Swift in Apple Music Commercial

As far as Drake and Taylor Swift are concerned, we must all be preoccupied with the possibility of their romantic coupling. And so, operating on this assumption, Drake has followed Swifty’s lead by filming his own Apple Music commercial where he—wait for it—bops around to her music.

You may recall that in Swift’s Apple Music commercial, she begins her cardio workout by listening to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman.” After a minute or so, she pulls a Bridget Jones by falling gracelessly off her treadmill because, lol, she’s just like us you guys.

Drake has merely flipped and reversed the sitch. He waits for his trainer to leave the room and then begins dancing around—poorly—to “Bad Blood.” He starts an ill-advised bench pressing session, only to, you guessed it, lose himself in the music and topple over.


The commercial premiered during the American Music Awards, at which point we all discovered what we weren’t missing.

Guess who is super proud of himself, though?


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