Toblerone, Wyd?

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The makers of Toblerone, that goofy looking Swiss chocolate bar with a bunch of triangles on it, are having fun messing with people’s heads by switching up the design of its bars. To some, it’s maddening.


The new versions of two of its bars in the U.K. are now smaller (down from 400 grams to 360 grams; and 170 grams to 150 grams), with wider spaces between the triangles. Toblerone’s maker, Mondelez International, posted a memo about the change on its Facebook page in October, writing that it was a cost-cutting decision meant “to ensure Toblerone remains on-shelf, is affordable.”

According to The New York Times.

The price for the new bars is the same as the old ones, but the changes to the smaller one — which is sold mainly in Britain at the discount retailer Poundland — were so pronounced that Toblerone’s Facebook page was filled with outrage from aggrieved consumers, even though only a relatively small number were likely to be affected.

Chocolate freaks are tight. One Facebook user replied: “Toblerone, I’m not being funny, but as a life long fan I’m dissapointed [sic]- I wouldn’t go so far as to say devastated, but I’m close.” Another person noted: “The only reason people bought Toblerone was to watch others trying to eat it. However, there’s NO WAY this revised bar will jam either side of anyone’s teeth now... or force their upper lip skywards. Oh, and please change your FB cover picture asap, as any remaining customers deserve to see how much they’re being conned.”

The company claims its only other option was to raise the cost of the bars, which they felt wouldn’t be sensible.

It doesn’t matter because this chocolate is dangerous to eat anyway. Try to bite down on it and there’s a high chance the triangle peaks will cut the roof of your mouth and ruin your mood.

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but the changes to the smaller one — which is sold mainly in Britain at the discount retailer Poundland

well, i’m about to sue some fools, because Poundland is the official designation of my master bedroom.