TLC's Latest Sideshow: Neat Freaks

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TLC, the circus channel — home of Extreme Couponing, Extreme Cougar Wives, The Little Couple, Long Island Medium, My Strange Addiction and Virgin Diaries — has a new show in the works, Neat Freaks.

Entertainment Weekly's James Hibberd writes:

Not sure I even need to describe this show. The title effectively describes itself. But here goes: TLC's Neat Freaks aren't just compulsive about cleaning their own houses. They'll clean public bathrooms and city buses and stranger's homes.



One person profiled spends 8 to 10 hours per day "scrubbing down every inch of her home and hyperventilates at the thought of anyone stepping inside it." Another "is afraid of germs and sprays everything in his home and on his body with hydrogen peroxide … he even insists on spraying down his dates before being intimate."

The big question is: Why don't the geniuses at TLC introduce the Neat Freaks to the folks on TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive? I mean, WORLD PEACE, right? Or possibly chaos and death. Hmm.

Anyway, I can't wait to see some obsessively clean closets and feel like a lazy and disgusting underachiever. Neat Freaks will be a one-hour special at first — airing Wednesday, December 5 — and be turned into a series if it does well.


TLC's new obsession: 'Neat Freaks' — EXCLUSIVE [EW]

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At least I can presumably watch this while eating, which is so not the case with Hoarders.

Though if you want to talk freak show, I was on some channel last week where I kept seeing commercials for a Discovery Channel show called Amish Mafia. What the what?