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TLC Invites You To Gawk At Nerds On Geek Love

Illustration for article titled TLC Invites You To Gawk At Nerds On emGeek Love/em

Now that TLC has presented its fascinating/funny/exploitative portrait of virgins, it's moving on to one of the most commonly mocked segments of our society: Geeks. As a nerd who wishes her fiancé could make such an impressive wookiee noise, I'm certainly not the target audience for this trailer, but I suspect we're supposed to be laughing at the idea of people who love cosplay and Star Wars hoping to find mates. If you've been to a Comic Con event you know TLC definitely could have found people who are weirder than the folks in this clip, but I still fear for my dorky brethren.


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I cosplay and have found love, but I still laugh at some cosplayers. When you dress with a ridiculous cosplay (and not ridiculously cool, just plain ridiculous), I can't help it. Or when you wear your cosplay to class for no reason...