Tiny Sweater-Wearing Penguins Are Finally Released Into The Wild

Good news coming from New Zealand this morning: the first batch of penguins who had been harmed by a recent oil spill have been released back into the wild. The cure to what ailed them? Your sweaters.

The response to a single plea for knitters of the world to knit sweaters that would help the penguins stay warm and prevent them from being poisoned by said oil was, simply put, overwhelming. I don't know if the world really really loves penguins, or if the sight of penguins dressed in sweaters is enough to elicit squeals of joy and speed-knitting, but well done, everybody! The first 49 penguins sent back into the ocean were first put through check-up and a six-hour swim test to make sure they'd be able to survive. To see them gleefully crashing into the waves of freedom, check out the clip.

The Worldwide Campaign To Knit Sweaters For Penguins

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I have a particular fondness for birds, and primarily owls and penguins. This video of Cookie at the Cincinnati zoo is probably the best squee-magnet penguin video on Youtube.