Tinder Is Coming to Desktops, Just Like the Good Ole Days

Tinder began as a cute little mobile app that evolved to become a reliably irritating mobile hookup service. Soon though, much like its ancestors OKCupid, Match and even AOL (a/s/l), there will also be a desktop version to service your chronic loneliness.

Love is in the air, all around us, but Tinder only lets you search for it on cell phones. The company just announced a big addition—a forthcoming web option that will roll out slowly, starting in a few select countries: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Philippines and Sweden.


Mashable reports:

Called Tinder Online, the service is being tested in a handful of countries outside the U.S. but the company plans to make it available to everyone in the future.

There are other benefits to using the web version of Tinder as well. For example, you can view a person’s profile simultaneously while you’re chatting. And while swiping isn’t exactly the same as it is in the app, the desktop version maintains the “swipe right, swipe left” dynamic. It also allows you to interact with keyboard shortcuts, which may be even quicker than swiping.

Nothing beats the convenience of rejecting beautiful losers on Tinder with a simple swipe on your phone. But the desktop option will maybe make the whole process feel more official, less seedy (see the video above).

Via Wired:

The website works in the same was as the application: you login to the website using a Facebook account, set profile details and then either click left or right to match or decline the person.

Tinder accounts that have already been created through Facebook will work with the online browser version without any changes being needed.


This should prep us adequately for 20 years down the line when Tinder will be made available via drones that survey our neighborhoods.

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