​'Tinder Guys Posing With Art' Is Your New Favorite Educational Tumblr

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First there was Tinder Guys With Tigers, then there was Tinder Dudes On Boats, and now the latest Tumblr highlighting an annoying trend of dudes on the dating app is Tinder Guys Posing with Art.


The Tumblr is simple and wonderful. It contains screenshots of dudes in front of works of art, followed by a picture of the actual art piece with the title, artist, and year.

Its curator, Houston-based artist Sally Glass noticed while swiping through the profiles that a lot of men were posing with art. Honestly, I am pretty sure that every person in Brooklyn who has an online dating profile has a picture of himself or herself standing in front of a wall of graffiti, so this isn't exactly surprising. But as an artist, Glass was more attracted to the art these guys were standing in front of than the guys themselves. She explains to Daily Dot:

I started seeing guys here and there posing with, or climbing all over, artwork. I guess it was that I was doing a lot of research and writing about art, so I was naturally inclined to figure out what certain pieces were. I thought it was funny that I'd much rather scour Tinder for photos of dudes with art than actually go on a date with one.

"Once I started collecting the screenshots, I figured a way to make it actually interesting would be to try to pair up the guys' pics with high-quality images of the art itself," she said, "so that it wasn't just the punchline, but an actual thoughtful, educational thing. While also making fun of dudes."

Great stuff. I think I am going to go through and collect images for the next big Tinder-themed Tumblr: Tinder Dudes Who Take Selfies Eight Inches From Their Face. Or maybe Tinder Dudes Who Recreated the Nothing Was the Same album cover (which I genuinely appreciate). Or maybe Tinder Dudes Who Put Up Childhood Photos of Themselves. That shit is weird.

Image via Tinder Guys Posing With Art.



I had a pretty hilarious tinder experience recently. I was in Berlin and decided to meet a cute guy at 3am for a drink. as soon as we met I just wasn't feeling it but had a drink and talked for about 30 min. I told "well I'm tired nice meeting you love your city." and left. in the morning I woke up to 127 messages from him including "you were the first black girl I ever met. are all black women like you?" I responded "yes all black wen are like me".