Tinashe, who's been at the top of the about-to-blow list for the past year or so, is good at creating a sense of intimacy that feels unforced, which is exactly what comes across in her new self-directed, voyeuristic video for "Aquarius." As the visual to a chill tune about soothing a stressed love interest, the concept makes sense: Keep calm and watch me writhe.

The video is shot in shaky documentary-style angles, with smoke visuals and flirty over-the-shoulder close-ups of Tinashe on the floor, performing splits and other suggestive dance moves. This is the throbbing title track from her debut album released last August and one of my favorites, mostly because it feels like she's hypnotizing you (him) with sexual mantras: "Grind, grind, grind slow, slow/ Mind, mind, mind numb, numb, numb/ I'll, I'll, I'll come, come."


Also, so many artists have unsuccessfully bitten the "Pleasure Principle" solo-dance routine thing (see: Cassie's video for her BJ anthem "Me & U"). Maybe it's just me, but there are some parts of this Tinashe video that seem like a less obvious, subtler nod to that classic Janet moment.