Tinashe Drops Tracks, Is Maybe Dating Calvin Harris. What Now, New World?

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In the past 22 hours, we have emerged from Plato’s demonic cave only to discover that our true reality is constructed by schemers and scammers, and public relations specialists have established their primacy as our shadow government. Adding to the Calgon bath of tea in which we’re currently soaking to the point of prunes: Page Six’s report that Tinashe and Calvin Harris are hanging out and may be dating because they were seen together at Nobu Malibu, which is the place all celebrities go to secretly announce their publicly private relationships!


This is all very convenient timing, considering Tinashe just dropped two new songs, one of which alludes to Tinashe potentially becoming the next new dancefloor diva and, theoretically, creating a space-time loop wherein she and Harris, if they are dating, could become the world’s brand new most beloved EDM power couple—for the duration of this press cycle, at least!

Harris first “collaborated” with Tinashe in 2014, on “Dollar Signs,” which sounded like a numbers queenpin and a marimba player from a performative marching band went rogue. So they definitely already “know” each other! ;)

Harris is currently riding atop the dance charts with “This Is What You Came For,” a collaboration with Rihanna you probably know all about. Tinashe’s “Superlove,” dropped Friday, the newest single from her forthcoming album Joyride; it’s a chrome interpolation of INOJ’s beloved classic “Let Me Love You Down,” nostalgic for Atlanta Rhythm & Quad and leaving room for Tinashe to ramp it up a notch and rap, while committing to permanence in the lyrics. It’s cute!

Also on Friday, BBC DJ Annie Mac debuted “Just Say,” a song by British house producer KDA featuring Tinashe on the vocals. Though it’s also a dancefloor jumpstarter, it’s got a very different vibe, presenting the 23-year-old singer as an alternately love-wronged, lusty, vaguely troubled but strong narrator, in the tradition of history’s best house jams.

This is, of course, a style Harris is a little bit more familiar with, albeit his sensibilities are infinitely glossier, better trussed up for 9 p.m. in a Vegas club than 2 a.m. in a Shoreditch warehouse. But it also proves that even if Harris and Tinashe aren’t making sweet music in the love department... they could potentially make more sweet music in the studio department! Stay tuned, stay woke.

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I don’t listen to her music much, but I actually really like Tinashe. I feel like with a transformation ala Rihanna’s from A Girl Like Me to Good Girl Gone Bad, she could be the next big thing. Her voice is pleasant enough and familiar enough (although this could be a disadvantage), that unless you really dislike pop, you won’t turn her off if she pulls off a decent hit (2 on is still my jam).

Having said that, I just listened to her new release (Superlove) and oh gosh, it sounds like a Ciara redux with some 90s call backs in it. Yuck. There’s nothing forward about it at all. That song is some end credits after a 6/10 comedy shit. (Ride of your life is just slightly better). She reminds me of Rihanna before she found her voice and musical direction. Tinashe is all over the place and hasn’t figured out what her sound is. I hope she does before she wears out her welcome. My suggestion - hey girl, no one is doing the dark and broody, Jessica Jones-esque, female version of the Weeknd yet - do that and people will eat your shit up!