Like Everyone Else, Time Lords Do Not Like Donald Trump

After Donald Trump, the person that happens when a GOP-leaning member of mutant gang in The Hills Have Eyes has a wet dream, told members of the press that he thought the UK’s recent break from the European Union was a “fantastic thing,” Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee decided to take matters into her own hands—with everyone’s favorite Time Lord David Tennant playing sidekick.

In a clip from Monday night’s episode, Bee enumerated myriad reasons why Britain’s exit (Brexit!, you get it now?) from the EU is more or less catastrophic for global economic and socio-political policy—after all, it’s already led to a market crash and has been castigated for its anti-immigrant undertones. More pointedly, she pointed out the similar potential fallout for Scotland, who voted to remain part of the UK during the last round of elections.

She also noted that Trump was in Scotland when the results of the Brexit vote were first announced—and subsequently confused the country for its long-standing occupier, England. She then enlisted Tennant, a Scottish-born actor, to read aloud the tweets subsequently directed at the presumptive GOP nominee and tub full of fossilized tangerines.


The results? Well, he read this, for one:

Praise the (Time) Lord, indeed.

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David Tennant is a gift to humanity. Whenever I see him I want to sing ‘I will always love you’ Dolly Parton Version NOT Whitney.