Timberlake Sexes Elvis's Granddaughter in Video for 7-Minute Song

Justin Timberlake has had plenty of uncomfortably dramatic, slightly sexy moments in beautiful houses in Los Angeles in his music videos, most famously in "Cry Me A River," but his new video for "TKO," that seven minute non-single released in September really takes it to a new level.


Spoiler: Justin has sex with Elvis's granddaughter, one Riley Keough, on a kitchen island after some fighting. She hits him with a cast iron skillet and drags him behind a pick-up truck sort of Jesus-like, while wearing a really beautiful white shirt. She then throws him and the truck off a cliff.

Is this song single-material? No. Has it grown on me? Slightly. Am I happy that this video was a mere seven minutes and not somewhere in the realm of 14, given the length of both "Tunnel Vision" and "Mirrors"? Assuredly.

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