Tim Gunn Dishes On Taylor Momsen's "Pathetic" Diva Behavior

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  • Tim Gunn, reports that while shooting a Gossip Girl guest spot, Taylor Momsen was, "pathetic, she couldn't remember her lines, and she didn't even have that many. I thought to myself 'why are we all being held hostage by this brat?"
  • Tim added that if he worked on the show regularly, he'd have a talk with her. "I'd say, 'You know young lady, there are hundreds of thousands of girls who are just as attractive and even smarter than you. Why are you acting like this show is a huge burden on you?' She was on her phone during every break, I wanted to tell her, 'If you weren't on your BlackBerry, you can retain this stuff... At one point the director leaned in and whispered to me, 'this is day in, day out, my life.' She annoyed the entire crew." [E!]
  • George Michael has been sentenced to eight weeks in jail for driving under the influence of marijuana and crashing his car into a London store. [Reuters]
  • Jennifer Lopez has reportedly sealed a $12 million deal to judge American Idol for one year. [TMZ]
  • BTW, J.Lo's new single is horrid: [Perez]
  • Miley Cyrus was pulled over yesterday for talking on her cell phone while driving. [ONTD]
  • A man is suing Anjelica Huston because her bodyguards allegedly beat him up outside her condo. [Radar]
  • Authorities have decided not to file charges against Jodie Foster for allegedly shoving a boy trying to take her photograph. [E!]
  • Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves are reportedly "over." A source says they had a fight over "something petty," adding, "Jessica's devastated over it, she loves Ken. He just won't speak to her at all." [E!]
  • Oksana Grigorieva has hired a lawyer she turned down in May. [Radar]
  • TBS has canceled My Boys. [ONTD]
  • Rachel McAdams may be dating Michael Sheen. [Perez]
  • Brad Pitt has purchased a new motorcycle that's perfect for storming out on Angelina. [TMZ]
  • Reggie Bush will forefeit his Heisman trophy due to allegations that he received improper benefits in the 2005 season. [AP]
  • Lady Gaga got a new tattoo of a unicorn with the words "Born This Way" wrapped around its horn. [Perez]
  • Actor Harold Gould, who appeared in Rhoda, The Sting, and Golden Girls, has died of prostate cancer at age 86. [AP]
  • Oprah has booked Jon Stewart, Martha Stewart, and Liza Minnelli for her final season. She's also planning to do a show on her biggest male fans. [Perez]
  • The hostages who were held at the Discovery Headquarters will do their first interview with Oprah. [Yahoo]
  • Headline of the day: "Is Vanessa Hudgens Yoga Routine Giving Her Bigger Boobs?" [Egotastic]
  • Check out the cover for Shannen Doherty's new book Badass: A Hard-Earned Guide To Living Life With Style And (The Right) Attitude.. [Perez]
  • Listen to the Glee kids' cover of "Empire State of Mind" here: [Perez]
  • Brandon Flowers and his wife are expecting their third child. [People]
  • Lily Allen says, "I still think I'm fat. Right now I'm worrying about how I'm going to lose weight after the pregnancy. I feel like an elephant, but I do get the occasional sexy pregnant day where I think I look great."[ONTD]
  • Brian Austin Green says his relationship with Megan Fox was never on-again, off-again: "We've been together for six years. Find a picture of one of us with any other boyfriend or girlfriend‚ I challenge you. You'll only find pictures of her doing press with Shia LaBeouf or me with my son. That's it. We never once dated anyone else or did anything else." [Just Jared]
  • Danielle Staub says she'll address her sexual orientation on her new show, BECAUSE EVERYONE IS DYING TO KNOW. "You're going to see the truth of my sexuality revealed," says Danielle. "I don't like labels. I consider myself an incredibly stable human being." [Radar]
  • Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, and Steve Carell wanted to do a sequel to Anchorman on Broadway, but the studio said no. Ferrell says, "We had this great idea where we would start it, we'd open it - we'd start with a Broadway show, I'm not kidding. We would do Anchorman 2, the musical on Broadway, and then from there into a film... we presented it to Paramount Pictures and they said 'great', and then it turns out they didn't want to do it."[ONTD]
  • Blake Lively tells Allure, "I want babies. Lots of babies. Of course!" [People]
  • Ben Affleck says of his sex scene with Blake Lively in The Town, "I wasn't too worried about it. Blake was actually more mature about it than I was, she was like, 'So what happens?' We just figured out blocking and choreography and boom boom, we knew it was a bit tawdry and depressing and sad and by the same token it was a bit graphic and Blake just nailed it. It was easy as they come." [Mirror]
  • Ryan Reynolds on his Green Lantern motion-capture suit: "My fantasy dancing jammies. Kind of ridiculous, I know. It's made of actual woven misery. Whatever material they've used, they've managed to make it the most heat-conducting substance known to man. I literally begged them to just put me in a nonbreathable rubber unitard. It was like shooting an entire movie inside Alec Baldwin." [Popsugar]

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