Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne Are Expecting Twins

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Tig Notaro and her wife Stephanie are expecting twins! The comedian made the announcement on Saturday, January 16 on her Facebook page.


From Facebook, here’s a tantalizing account of the couple’s idyllic homestead:

“When Stephanie and I got together, after so much excessive travel and work, we imagined a life where we could eventually raise a family amongst our own family one day. Now it blows our minds that our dream has been realized over the past nearly 3 years in the making. I have really come to believe SO MUCH in the saying ‘it takes a village’ and we have taken that to heart by creating our own little village tucked away in the hills of Los Angeles. Stephanie and I have built a beautiful little compound that her entire wonderful family actually occupies with us. Tea with her sister, dinners with her mother, music with her brother — it’s all beyond any fantasy I had ever imagined for myself. Borrowing a stick of butter from one another’s fridge, carpooling to the store and pet sitting for whomever may be traveling that particular week. With the loved ones and wildlife that tread across our yard daily, we truly cannot wait to share this world with Itsy and Bitsy upon their eagerly anticipated arrival into our lives.”

Cheers to Tig, Stephanie, and Itsy and Bitsy Notaro — yours looks as if it will be a charmed life indeed.

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I first heard Tig’s routine about her diagnosis when someone sent it to me and all I could think bitterly was “Oh, great, just what I need.” I was flat on my back, 5 months into chemo at 33 for breast cancer. I was so goddamn sick of cancer and I wanted nothing to do with still more cancer.

But I was also bored as hell, so I listened. I listened until tears leaked out even while I laughed because she Got It. It was raw and real and it was my story too. She put words to why I couldn’t look at my “before” pictures without feeling sorry for that person who would be forever lost with a diagnosis and even made me laugh about it, which is freaking amazing since I couldn’t even tell people around me about how I felt.

She gave me a rope to grab while I slogged up from bottom and made me feel less alone. I am so extremely happy for her it’s almost inappropriate. We don’t need to survive cancer to feel incredibly grateful for this life, but if you do survive and don’t feel it, THAT is a tragedy. So glad she is wrapped in warmth and love and soon new tiny people.