Tiffany Trump's Rep Accidentally Emailed Harper's Magazine to Get Her Into a Harper's Bazaar Fashion Party

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Tiffany Trump is coming to New York City for Fashion Week, armed with her law books, her airbrushing app, and the knowledge that her father named her after an engagement ring store. But no Apple is Big enough to contain this young Trump’s thunderous zeal—for lo, in an attempt to gain entry to the annual Harper’s Bazaar Icons Party on September 8, the president’s other daughter’s publicist accidentally emailed Harper’s Magazine, the storied 167-year-old monthly whose September issue cover reads “Naomi Klein on the reality TV president” and “The Women of the Alt Right.”


Her publicist sent Harper’s vice president of public relations Giulia Melucci the following email:

“Hi, I wanted to email on behalf of the First Daughter Tiffany Trump. She is in town for NYFW (New York Fashion Week) and attending a few events. She would love to possibly attend the Bazaar Icons party. Please let me know if this could be accommodated.”

Melucci told the New York Daily News: “I was tempted to create a Harper’s Magazine fashion icon event just so we could host her. Think Byzantine art, Jesus and the Madonna, the original one!”

In an email to Jezebel, Melucci elaborated:

It happens from time to time, last week I received an “URGENT, TIME SENSITIVE” message from Mariel Hemingway’s people. Naturally, I assumed they were barking up the wrong mag. They insisted they were not, but there’s been no follow up. The Tiffany thing was quite a shock, there I was, enjoying Labor Day on Shelter Island, a less fashionable East End spot; granted I had just taken a barre class alongside Uma Thurman. Maybe Tiffany’s rep heard about that and felt he had the right Harper’s.

Maybe! In Tiffany’s publicist’s defense, it’s weird that there are two magazines with the word “Harper’s” in it—and if anything is worth publicly humiliating one’s client for, it is certainly a performance by The Weeknd at a Plaza Hotel event sponsored by Laura Mercier, Stella Artois, Infor, Fujifilm, and Swarovski.

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