Tiffany Trump Is Quoting Muhammad Ali on Social Media Now

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

On Monday night, Tiffany Trump, who’s spent roughly the last year supporting her dad’s bid for President and finishing up her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, tweeted out a Muhammad Ali quote:


Which leads you to an Instagram shot of her and her boyfriend, Ross Mechanic, enjoying a rustic beach ledge on Memorial Day weekend.


Why does this interest me? Well, a few reasons, I suppose, none of which I can say with certainty Tiffany is aware of or cares about. First, there’s the fact that the former heavyweight champion of the world, who was Muslim, despised Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim ban when he first discussed it on the campaign trail, and released a statement against the idea in December 2015 titled “Presidential Candidates Proposing to Ban Muslim Immigration to the United States.” Trump is still very much gunning for that odious proposal’s reinstatement, despite widespread condemnation.

Then there’s the matter of Ali’s legacy as a leader of the Civil Rights movement, whose legal and affective gains the Trump administration erodes every day. Like today, for instance, the Washington Post reported that the President and his cronies plan to dismantle the Labor Department devision that for four decades has overseen discrimination cases among federal contractors.

Perhaps Tiffany has picked up big sister Ivanka’s passion for quoting in such a wildly inappropriate and decontextualized manner it amounts to empty appropriation.


But, why that quote? Is it a cryptic breakup announcement? A veiled allusion to the fact that a lot of people would like to see her father be impeached? Or does she like her boyfriend and how this quote sounds? Maybe only Tiffany, with that sparkling mind bound for Georgetown law school, can know which it is.

But it’s the last one. Float like a butterfly, Tiff.

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