Tiffany Trump Is Pretty Uncomfortable Around Her Dad If You Can Believe It???


Shockingly, even members of Trump’s own family find him difficult to be around. Even Tiffany.

People reports that though Tiffany Trump has been making an effort to show up at Mar-a-Lago for the holidays, she rarely speaks with President Dad:

“Since the inauguration, Tiffany and her father have sometimes gone for months without speaking and she went a very long time without seeing him,” a source close to Trump’s younger daughter says. “The last time she was at a family function with him, it was awkward for her and she didn’t feel totally welcome.”

There are a lot of reasons Tiffany might feel this way, beyond the simple fact of her father being an animated roll of wadded baby diapers found clogging a sewage tank, but I bet it doesn’t help much when you literally can’t walk down the block to church without stumbling into your dad spouting hateful bullshit at the cameras like a toxic lawn sprinkler:

There’s no way to know for sure what Tiffany Trump actually believes politically (she sure seems willing to show up for photo ops and use her name to get into parties); still, this sounds extremely true:

“They always had a strained relationship her whole life, and it got exacerbated by the presidency,” the source says. “It’s gotten much worse now.”

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